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Bernadette Lambert

IRC’s Chairman: Ms. Bernadette Lambert

I am very pleased to welcome you to the website of the Independent Regulatory Commission (IRC). This site is intended to be a space whereby all stakeholders in the local Electricity Sector as well as other interested parties/entities may have access to relevant and up-to-date information regarding the work/mandate of the IRC including information on licenses, and policy documents amongst others.

The IRC is a creature of statute, namely the Electricity Supply Act, No 10 of 2006, from which it derives its powers of regulation. What this means in essence is that pursuant to section 19 of the said Act, “The Commission shall have sole and exclusive authority to regulate all electricity entities that are subject to the Act and shall have full power to regulate all licensees with regard to all economic and technical aspects of regulation in accordance with the Act, especially with regard to the determination of tariff or electricity charges.”

Whilst the IRC remains ever mindful of government’s policies on electricity generation, transmission, distribution and supply, it is a body that is independent in the execution of its functions. Accordingly section 18 of the Act is clear that, “The commission shall be independent in the performance of its functions and duties and shall not be subject to the direction and control of the Government or of any person, corporation or authority, except that the Commission shall have due regard to the public interest and overall Government policy as embodied in legislation.”

In keeping with its mandate, as espoused under the Act, the IRC is committed to the performance and the fulfillment of its duties in a manner that is open and transparent to the extent that the electricity supplier, the public and in general all stakeholders feel confident and comfortable in their interaction with the Commission. In furtherance of this objective the IRC has promulgated its Rules of Practice and Procedure, which outlines its modus operandi in dealing with entities operating in the electricity sector in Dominica. We at the IRC encourage all stakeholders as well as other interested entities to visit and explore the website which holds a library of information ranging from, the process involved in obtaining licencees to the IRC’s newsletters as well as news and updates relative to the local electricity sector and the proper method for the lodging complaints and settlement of disputes. Of course we also welcome visits from members of the public at the IRC’s office, where much of this information is available in print.

The Commission, in the exercise of its regulatory functions, continues, further, to focus on upholding the interest of the consumer. We are able to do this by close monitoring of the electricity sector in an effort to ensuring that electricity prices – barring external factors which the electricity supplier has very little (if any) control over – are always kept at their lowest. This commitment to closely monitoring of the sector allows for greater reliability and consistency to the consumer both in terms of the quality of the service received as well as expectations for the monthly bill. It is important to note as well, that the consumer is not the only one to benefit from this; the electricity supplier enjoys resulting benefits flowing from increased efficiency and an overall more rewarding relationship with the consumer.

We at the IRC will continue to act consistent with the powers conferred upon us in maintaining the highest regulatory standards that has come to be expected of us. We do look forward to continued fruitful, fair, open, and transparent collaboration with Government, the energy generators, electricity supplier and the consumer.

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