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Challenges Faced

Developing an appropriate licensing framework for the Dominica’s Electricity Sector will not be without a number of challenges.

First, while issuing an interim license to DOMLEC may not be very tasking, the issue of arriving at an acceptable license fee to be paid by these companies may prove to be the major challenge. This organisation reportedly remains bogged down by a high level of indebtedness from the Government coupled with apparently their inability to substantially improve their infrastructural facilities. This stated weak position may prove a hindrance in getting this company to pay a realistic license fee without having a negative effect on final consumer pricing.

Second, since the Commission is quite new, there is still a dearth of adequate manpower to undertake the various activities that will ensure a quick and efficient licensing procedure. The IRC however will need to procure the services of experienced international consultants who, it is hoped, will work closely with the staff of the IRC to tackle this challenge.

Also, The IRC has yet to put in place the management information tools and other IT resources that will give effect to this framework. However this is only a temporary problem that can be overcome in the short run as plans are underway to establish a fully functional and informative website for the Commission within the next couple of months.

Finally, The IRC, in considering applications for licenses, will also have to come up with an effective and transparent procedure for dealing with applications with competing interest. Limited natural resources and market size means that most potential developers of renewable energy be vying for licenses within or around the same locations. The IRC is already m

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