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Licensing Framework

Under the Electricity Act 10 of 2006, the IRC is empowered to license all industry participants involved in the following activities:

  • Electricity Generation in excess of 20KW
  • Electricity Distribution and Supply
  • Electricity Transmission
  • System Operation
  • Trading
  • Electrical Installation/Wiring

It proposed to seek an amendment to the Act to place minimum capacity levels on the Electricity Generation for Domestic Purposes (section 31 – 4) and Electricity Distribution and Supply.

At this time a Capacity in excess of 15KVA is suggested for Generation and 10KVA for Distribution and Supply The Act makes it an offense punishable by a term of imprisonment or imposition fine for any person to undertake these activities without a license.

Following the inauguration of IRC, the need to immediately put in place a licensing framework in line with the requirements of the Act is becoming immediately apparent.

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