Who We Are

We are independent and work in the public interest.

We are committed to providing a high standard of service and to dealing with everyone fairly and equally.
Corporate Values
Our Corporate values compel us to succeed and requires from our dedicated team, the highest standards of corporate behavior and excellence.
Establishment of IRC
IRC was established under the Electricity Act, Act 10 of 2006, which was passed into Law in October 2006. IRC effectively took off in June 1, 2007...
Objectives & Functions
IRCS's Objectives & Functions ensure that electricity is generated safely, reliably, and competitively, thus improving the quality of life for consumers.
Members of Staff
IRC's staff is led by Executive Director Mr. Justinn Kase, who ensures that the Commission is carrying out the mission and goals of stakeholders.
Generators Registered with IRC
Domlec Customers (March 2020)
Complaints Received by IRC 2019
$ 486 .00
Penalties paid to Customers by DOMLEC

Our Experience

Policy Consultation 98%
Consumer Advisory 75%
Standards Implementation 88%
Energy Saving & Environment Protection 78%
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Keeping You Informed

IRC Townhall Meeting in St. Joseph
Vacancy: Utility Engineer
Lower Fuel Surcharge, Increased Hydro Output to Reduce Bills
Rosette Germaine
Rosette Germaine

After Hurricane Maria was quite a challenging period for my family and to get my home electrified. What a relief that was when the IRC intervened. That …

Mary-Ann George
Mary-Ann George

As an elderly, it is a relief to know that there is someplace to call when in need. Thank you, IRC, the street lights have been restored by …

Cynthia Bellot
Cynthia Bellot

I learned about the IRC through one of their Health & Safety Campaign. I am happy to say that finally no more threat of rotten pole over my residence. …

Pinard Joseph
Pinard Joseph

I have a very good relationship with the IRC. Great customer service, prompt attention. If you are a consumer of electricity, find out how you can benefit …

Gilbert George
Gilbert George

IRC played a key role in getting our Distributive Energy System connected by providing critical solutions during times of conflict with the grid operator. …