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What Info Should I Provide?
Your account number and any bills related to the problem. Letters, notes from telephone calls and anything relevant to your case.
What If I Disagree With The IRC Ruling?
If either you or the company is dissatisfied with the outcome of the complaint, or if the company has not acted on the outcome, you should inform the IRC and a Formal process may be initiated where the matter is referred to the Board of the Commission.
Can The IRC Make DOMLEC Comply?
The Electricity Supply Act gives the IRC full authority to regulate licensees such as DOMLEC. The licensee is obligated to supply information and comply with the rulings of the Commission.
What is the role of the IRC?
The IRC’s role as mandated by the Electricity Supply Act No. 10 of 2006 \ includes developing the framework within which regulated utilities operate; setting the rates and service standards for the electricity sector and to operate in a fair, independent and transparent manner in fulfilling our obligations to all stakeholders and the general public.
Who does the IRC regulate?
The IRC was established to regulate the electricity sector. This includes the transmission, distribution, generation and supply of electricity.

As such, the IRC exercises regulatory oversight of persons authorised to provide these prescribed utility services. These includes the Dominica Electricity Services (DOMLEC) and any Independent Power Producers (IPPs) that are licensed to operate within the sector.

How can the IRC assist utility consumers?
The IRC assists utility consumers through various means which include:
  • Ensuring that the environment is created for the efficient, safe and reliable delivery of service to utility customers at a reasonable cost.
  • Providing an avenue of appeal to utility customers ; and,
  • establishing the agreed quality of service standards (QSS), some of which (i.e. the guaranteed standards) attract a compensatory payment to the customer when the companies are in breach.
What are Guaranteed Standards?
The Guaranteed Standards are agreed service levels by which DOMLEC should comply.

If DOMLEC fails to comply with the standards, the affected customer is entitled to compensation and should submit a claim – where compensation is not automatic.

How is the IRC funded?
The IRC is funded through government subvention.
What are the powers of the IRC?
The powers of the IRC are defined by our functions as provided by the Electricity Supply Act #10 of 2006. As such, the powers of the IRC are outlined in our roles which are to: regulate the provision of utility services; setting the rates and service standards for the regulated entities; and, protecting the environment, health and safety as well as the rights of utility consumers .
To whom does the IRC report?
The IRC reports to Ministry of Public Works, Ports and the Digital Economy.
Where Do I Go To Complain?
You can visit the IRC’s Public & Consumer Relations Division at 42 Cork Street, 1st & Top Floor, Roseau or call 767 440 6634/7247. You can also email or complete the complaints form on the website.
If I have a problem with a utility company, how can I get in touch with the OUR?
The IRC can be contacted by using any of the following means:
Telephone: +1(767) 440-6634/6635/7247
In person and regular mail at:

42 Cork Street, PO Box 1628
Roseau, Dominica

However, the Consumer Affairs Department is open to the public between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Mondays to Fridays.

It is important to note that the IRC provides an avenue of appeal for utility customers. Therefore, customers need to first exhaust the complaints procedure at the service provider i.e. DOMLEC so that they will be able to appeal the company’s decision to the Commission.

Rosette Germaine
Rosette Germaine

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Mary-Ann George
Mary-Ann George

As an elderly, it is a relief to know that there is someplace to call when in need. Thank you, IRC, the street lights have been restored by …

Cynthia Bellot
Cynthia Bellot

I learned about the IRC through one of their Health & Safety Campaign. I am happy to say that finally no more threat of rotten pole over my residence. …

Pinard Joseph
Pinard Joseph

I have a very good relationship with the IRC. Great customer service, prompt attention. If you are a consumer of electricity, find out how you can benefit …

Gilbert George
Gilbert George

IRC played a key role in getting our Distributive Energy System connected by providing critical solutions during times of conflict with the grid operator. …