Objectives and Functions


To be numbered among the best regulators in the Caribbean by fairly balancing the interests of all stakeholders.

Objectives and Aims

IRC promotes and protects the interests of industry stakeholders by engaging in the following objectives:
  • To ensure electricity service providers are transparent and fair
  • To ensure all households, businesses, and institutions in Dominica enjoy uninterrupted power supply at all times
  • To provide a platform and forum where aggrieved customers can file complaints
  • To arbitrate between service providers and service consumers in cases of disputes
  • To set rules and guidelines that allow for consistency, predictability and transparency for electricity supply
  • To ensure that electricity failures are resolved immediately to protect business and household needs
  • To engage and work with other private and government agencies for the betterment of electricity provision and distribution across the length and breadth of Dominica
  • To support government initiatives in the supply of constant electricity for national growth

Our Functions

The Independent Regulatory Commission shall discharge the following functions accordingly:
  • To facilitate the availability of constant electricity for household and business requirements
  • To ensure that electricity supply is available in all settlements, villages, and towns in Dominica
  • To ensure service providers make a fair profit and service consumers pay affordable rates
  • To guarantee integrity in the generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity across board
  • To make room for fair competition in the power sector
  • To issue, monitor, and amend the licenses of electricity operators on the island
  • To ensure that electricity plants and equipment used by power operators meet international standards for safety and health
  • To serve as the eyes of the Minister for Power for the regulation and supervision of electricity in the power sector
  • To safeguard the technical health of the nation for growth and development via efficient power supply
  • Perform any other function conferred on it by other written Law.
News / Insights / Notices

Keeping You Informed

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Rosette Germaine
Rosette Germaine

After Hurricane Maria was quite a challenging period for my family and to get my home electrified. What a relief that was when the IRC intervened. That …

Mary-Ann George
Mary-Ann George

As an elderly, it is a relief to know that there is someplace to call when in need. Thank you, IRC, the street lights have been restored by …

Cynthia Bellot
Cynthia Bellot

I learned about the IRC through one of their Health & Safety Campaign. I am happy to say that finally no more threat of rotten pole over my residence. …

Pinard Joseph
Pinard Joseph

I have a very good relationship with the IRC. Great customer service, prompt attention. If you are a consumer of electricity, find out how you can benefit …

Gilbert George
Gilbert George

IRC played a key role in getting our Distributive Energy System connected by providing critical solutions during times of conflict with the grid operator. …