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Mr. Justinn Kase (Executive Director)

Mr. Justinn Kase, The Executive Director acts on behalf of the Commission, responsible for ensuring the accomplishment of the Commission’s mission and strategy. Managing the Commission’s day to day activities, the Executive Director supports the Commission with the development of a regulatory framework for the electricity sector by setting clear objectives.
The Executive Director is responsible for the establishment and oversight of the Commission’s financial management, Human Resource function as well as Administration and Communications and directly supervises senior staff.

The Regulations Manager

IRC Regulations ManagerThe Regulations Manager is responsible for directing economic analysis and research in the area of public utility operation; plan and organize the design and execution of economic research projects pertaining to the operation of electric companies operating within Dominica, direct theoretical and econometric analysis of utility sales and revenues, estimate income and price elasticity, develop short and long-run forecasts and present expert testimony in regulatory proceedings,. He is also required to schedule and coordinate the work of the IRC’s Regulations Division, including effective supervision of the Financial Analyst and Utility Engineer.

Ms. Connie Joseph (Financial Analyst)

Ms. Connie JosephThe Financial Analyst reviews the tariffs of the operating electric utilities to identify their revenue requirements to allow them to carry on commercially sustainable operations, while providing cost effective service to the consumers. The Analyst also monitors regulatory compliance within the utilities and identifies any regulatory, legal and accounting issues arising.

The Utility Engineer

The Utility EngineerThe Utility Engineer is required to work along with others in the Division to provide guidance and technical expertise for authorization of connection to the national grid; design prescription of technical standards for electrical installations and equipment, and conduct research and compile yearly reports indicating the need for future expansion of electric generating facilities. He is also required to perform engineering investigations; provide recommendations to assist in defining and resolving utility regulatory engineering problems; review the utility plans for electric generating, transmission and distribution facilities; perform the more complex engineering work in determining the need for electric rate increases and provide guidance in all areas of technical regulatory engineering problems.

Ms. Adelia Cochrane (Accounting Officer)

Ms. Adelia CochraneThe Accounting Officer assists the Executive Director in his responsibility for the Commission’s accounting system and financial management. The Assistant establishes and maintains proper controls to protect and manage the Commission’s Assets and maintains the financial records as well as assisting in financial planning.

Ms. Corine Pinard (Consumer Affairs Officer)

Ms. Corine PinardThe Consumer Affairs Officer will be responsible for maintaining and improving public awareness about the IRC as well as addressing concerns of the electricity consumers about the service provided by the electric utility and dealing with consumer complaints, enquiries, and referrals, etc, in line with the IRC’s Customer Complaints procedure.

Mrs. Florestine Felix-Laurent (Administrative Officer)

Mrs. Florestine Felix-LaurentThe Administrative Officer is responsible for assisting the Executive Director in carrying out the functions of human resource management, as well as in his role as Secretary to the Commission. She provides administrative and clerical support to the Commission and the Executive Director; and is required to direct the office services and also supervision of the Receptionist/Administrative Assistant and the Office Assistant.

Mrs. Denise Pemberton-Shillingford (Receptionist/Administrative Assistant)

Mrs. Denise Pemberton-ShillingfordThe Receptionist/Administrative Assistant maintains the office environment by interacting, assisting and/or directing customers, visitors and the general public in a helpful, courteous and friendly manner, answering phones, maintaining an effective filing system and record keeping. She is required to participate when necessary with Board and special events planning and preparation.

Ms. Nickez Bannis (Office Assistant/Cleaner)

Ms. Nickez BannisUnder the supervision of the Administrative Officer, the Office Assistant/Cleaner maintains the office environment by performing office errands such as mailing and payments, and cleaning of the Commission’s offices, ensuring that the day-to-day office maintenance is carried out, thereby facilitating the operation’s daily functions. The Office Assistant/Cleaner also assists in reception and special events planning and preparation.

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