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It is envisaged that some Commissioners will head more than one division. This presentation will deal specifically with the first of these divisions, The Legal Support and Licensing Division, as current activities would dictate that the issuance of Licenses is likely to become the No.1 Priority is the very near future.

The Legal Support and Licensing Division is Charged with the primary responsibility of:

  • Overseeing the processing of license applications, including issuance, amendment, renewal, suspension, or cancellation of licenses
  • Advising the Commission on legal matters and provision of legal input in the drafting of licenses, regulations, contracts etc.
  • Facilitating the establishment of participatory Dispute Resolution Panels/Committees with responsibility for formalized mediation, arbitration and resolution of disputes
  • Articulating the Commission’s response on legal questions and disputes including representation before other judicial bodies.

Out of all these responsibilities, the most challenging is likely to be the establishment of an effective and transparent licensing framework that will attract potential investors on the one hand while also ensuring that best practices in industry standards and codes are enshrined to protect the interest of consumers and other stakeholders.

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