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The IRC is an Independent Regulator for Dominica Electrical Utility

IRC was established under the Electricity Act, Act 10 of 2006, which was passed into Law in October 2006. IRC effectively took off in June 1, 2007, following the appointment of its five Commissioners, and their subsequent inauguration on June 22, 2007. IRC has been set up as an independent regulator whose primary responsibilities and functions are as contained in the Act 10 of 2006. However, these functions will also include:

  • Ensure orderly development of a competitive power market
  • Ensure efficient, safe and adequate production of electricity
  • Promote competition & private sector participation
  • Protect consumers and the public interest
  • Evolve standards & codes that measure with international best practice
  • Evolve stable & equitable rates – cost reflective + reasonable profit
  • License and regulate persons engaged in electricity business
  • Settle disputes amongst industry participants
  • Ensure expansion of access to rural and urban dwellers
  • Establish and administer the Power Consumer Assistance Fund for subsidizing underprivileged consumers.

Structurally, IRC has a Chairman and Four (4) Commissioners appointed by the Minister of Public Utilities, and the Commission will establish six divisions each headed by a commissioner namely:

  • Legal Support and Licensing;
  • Engineering, Safety & Standards;
  • Market Competition & Rates;
  • Finance & Support Services;
  • Government & Consumer Affairs;
  • Research & Development.

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