Community Outreach Programme in St. Joseph

Community Outreach Programme in St. Joseph

St. Joseph, Dominica
Village of St. Joseph, Dominica
The Independent Regulatory Commission (IRC) Dominica’s electricity regulator continues its Community Outreach Programme this week with a visit to the West coast village of St. Joseph. The meeting takes place this Wednesday, July 8, 2009 at Enid Fagan’s Shop on Front Street in St. Joseph from 6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

The Outreach programme, a series of nationwide community meetings, aims to clarify the scope and responsibilities of the IRC as a regulator as well as seeking valuable feedback from consumers around the country. The IRC considers outreach an essential part of its communications strategy since customer feedback will be analysed to inform and make relevant, decision making and rule formulation for the sector.

The St. Joseph meeting follows a successful launch last month in Dublanc.

Ms. Thalia Remy“We were very pleased with the response at the Dublanc meeting and we are hoping that that turnout and participation can be repeated at St. Joseph. We want EVERY consumer to turn out if possible to these informal meetings where they can learn what the IRC is about and how our existence will benefit them.”
Thalia Remy – Public & Consumer Relations Consultant

The IRC Community Outreach Programme’s next stop is Marigot later in July. There will also be meetings throughout the summer in the following communities:
[list silver_arrow]

  • Canefield
  • Vieille Case
  • La Plaine
  • Castle Bruce

Electricity customers in these and neighbouring communities are asked to listen/look out for updates on time and venue in the media and through their Village Councils.

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