IRC Clarifies Non-Involvement in DOMLEC’s Pay-As-You-Go Vendor Decisions

IRC Clarifies Non-Involvement in DOMLEC’s Pay-As-You-Go Vendor Decisions

The Independent Regulatory Commission would like to both advise and inform the general public that it does not play any role in DOMLEC’s Administrative authority over its Pay-As-You-Go Vendors. This is the sole responsibility of the company and is similar to its obligation to decide what its contractors or employees are compensated. DOMLEC’s decision to increase or decrease commission to its PAUG vendor does not fall under the authority of the IRC.

The IRC is mandated to regulate the Generation, Transmission, Distribution and Supply of Electricity services, and does not have any regulatory authority
over DOMLEC’s administrative or operational decisions that are related to the governing or management of its service providers. All such decisions are made independently by the relevant parties and without the involvement or influence of the IRC .

The IRC will continue to ensure that its decisions are made in the best interest of the public and in accordance with established regulatory processes, as mandated by the Electricity Supply Act No. 10 of 2006.

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