Application for Extension of Licences

Application for Extension of Licences

The public is advised that pursuant to Section 35 of the ESA, the Dominica Electricity Services Ltd – DOMLEC has submitted an application to the Commission for the grant of an extension of its Licences (Generation Licence and Transmission, Distribution and Supply Licence).

The extension is required to fulfil DOMLEC’s compliance with the terms of the Power Purchase Agreement – (the PPA’) – between Dominica Electricity Services Limited and Dominica Geothermal Power Company of Dominica (2023) Limited dated the 2nd day of December 2023.

Any comment on or objection to this request for extension must be forwarded to the Independent Regulatory Commission, at 42 Cork Street, P. O. Box 1687, Roseau, Commonwealth of Dominica, on or before the 4th day of April, 2024.

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