NARUC Hosts Peer-to-Peer Forum on Tariff Rate Review

NARUC Hosts Peer-to-Peer Forum on Tariff Rate Review

The National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC) hosted a peer-to-peer forum in Dominica from December 11th-13th, on cost-reflective electricity tariffs. Funding for this event was made possible through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

The meeting was aimed at enhancing the processes of the Independent Regulatory Commission (IRC), during the review and application of new electricity rates for the Dominica Electricity Services (DOMLEC) Ltd.

The sessions focused on Regulatory Framework for Tariff Setting and Review; Key Concepts, Definitions, Roles and Responsibilities and Key Considerations; and Public and Stakeholder Engagement Methods. The IRC reported on the status of its tariff review of 2023, providing insight on successes, challenges, and considerations for change. The intention is to adopt a new tariff structure, with the introduction of subcategories to better reflect the changes that evolved in the marketplace over the years. NARUC facilitators provided an overview of best practices for determining revenue requirements surrounding the concept of performance-based rates. The discussion also provided useful information that will contribute to the IRC’s planned introduction of penalties for low power factor and new rates for high voltage-metered connections.

The final day covered a simulated rate case exercise focusing on public notice and plan for transparency. NARUC chose this focus in response to the IRC’s request for best practices on public consultation processes, as the IRC plans to begin public consultations on the tariff rate review for DOMLEC in 2024.

The facilitators were David Morton – former Chairman and CEO of British Columbia Utilities Commission (BCUC), and Matthew Muldoon – Manager of Accounting and Finance in the Rates, Safety and Utility Performance Division of the Public Utility Commission of Oregon. The IRC will decide which best practices gathered from the facilitators’ presentations and advice can be employed for rate applications and case procedures in Dominica.

Both the IRC and DOMLEC participated in the forum.

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