Consultant Reviews Domlec Rates & Tariff

Consultant Reviews Domlec Rates & Tariff
Ester Montgomery
Ms. Ester Montgomery of Vancouver, British Columbia

The Independent Regulatory Commission contracted the services of Ms. Ester Montgomery of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada as its Tariff Consultant to review Domlec’s rate and tariff making mechanism. This consultancy will begin on September 22, 2008 and will last approximately one month.

The primary objective of the review is to identify revenue requirements of the Electric Utility and review the existing base tariff to ensure that it allows a commercially sustainable operation of the utility, while providing a cost effective service to the consumer.

The review will also take a preliminary look at a potential tariff model that considers both existing and future operations on the island to ensure cost effective delivery of electricity services to all the communities thereon.

The consultant will assist the IRC to organize a stakeholders workshop to discuss the preliminary recommendations and to build consensus among key stakeholders. Discussions and comments received during the workshop will be incorporated to provide a final set of recommendations, documents models and mechanisms related to DOMLEC’s tariff structure.

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