Villagers of La Plaine to Learn More About the IRC

Villagers of La Plaine to Learn More About the IRC

La Plaine - Dominica
La Plaine - Dominica
The people of La Plaine and surrounding areas will have the chance this evening to find out more about their rights and responsibilities as electricity consumers. The Independent Regulatory Commission (IRC) is continuing its Community Outreach Programme with visits to the South eastern community followed by Canefield and Castle Bruce.

The Outreach programme, a series of nationwide community meetings, aims to clarify the scope and responsibilities of the IRC as a regulator as well as seeking valuable feedback from consumers around the country. The IRC considers outreach an essential part of its communications strategy since customer feedback will be analysed to inform and make relevant, decision making and rule formulation for the sector.

Issues such as the use of generators, erection of poles on private lands and tariffs are some of the areas expected to be discussed at tonight’s meeting.

Ms. Thalia Remy“We have found that certain issues come up repeatedly at different meetings. There are many misconceptions that we need to clarify as well as gauging public sentiment on contentious issues. There are things in the electricity sector that need to change. We need the help of all stakeholders that they are changed for the better.”
Thalia Remy – Public & Consumer Relations Consultant

The La Plaine meeting is at the Complex Building from 6 – 7:30 p.m., August 11, 2009.

The IRC Community Outreach Programme’s next stop is Canefield on August 18, 2009. A September visit to Castle Bruce will complete the first phase of the programme.

Electricity customers in these and neighbouring communities are asked to listen/look out for updates on time and venue in the media and through their Village Councils.

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