IRC Quality Of Service Standards Consultations End

IRC Quality Of Service Standards Consultations End

The Independent Regulatory Commission has ended the first phase of its public consultation on the Quality of Service Standards for electricity supply. The consultations took place in Roseau, Grand Bay and Portsmouth on May 12, 27 and 28, 2009 respectively.

IRC Executive Director, Lance McCaskey was pleased with the outcome so far.

IRC Executive Director, Lance McCaskeyWe are so glad that Dominican consumers turned out to have their say on issues which affect their electricity supply. We would have liked to have seen and heard from even more people but the feedback and suggestions we received have been valuable and will be explored and taken into consideration before any final decisions are made.

Consumers were given the opportunity to voice their opinions and offer suggestions on the proposal of Quality of Service Standards for electricity along with DOMLEC and the IRC in a public forum. Discussions were lively and there were a number of areas of consensus.

IRC Quality of Service Standards
Public Consultation on the Quality of Service Standards Successful

The introduction of a Quality Standards regime will help to ensure that the principles of competition are maintained, even in our current situation where DOMLEC has been granted an exclusive licence to generate, transmit and distribute electricity in Dominica.

Quality Service standards will:

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  • bring DOMLEC’s operating efficiencies under scrutiny,
  • mitigate against the common occurrence of service quality reduction in times of increasing costs or pressure to reduce costs
  • compensate consumers for any breach of the guarantees
  • encourage better service.


The feedback received at the consultations was formally documented and is currently being summarised by the IRC. Together with written responses received, it will be posted on the IRC website and will also be available from the IRC Office in Roseau upon request by telephone, email or visit. This is to enable public feedback on the responses. The deadline for this second phase of consultation is June 30, 2009. A final decision will be made by the Commision by July 15, 2009 and will be published.

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