Domlec, Website, Regulatory Advisor and Consumer Affairs

Domlec, Website, Regulatory Advisor and Consumer Affairs
DOMLEC’S Tariff Filing of June 13, 2008

Electric PollsBy letter dated June 13, 2008 the Dominica Electricity Services Limited (DOMLEC) filed for a tariff increase of $0.001 per kilowatt-hour. This occurred after a previous filing November 29, 2007 was disqualified for non-compliance under the Electricity Supply Act of 1996. If granted this new increase would have taken effect from January 1, 2008.

After months of engagement with DOMLEC on this new filing, the Commission, at its Board Meeting of September 24, 2008 decided to rejected it.

By letter of September 26, 2008 DOMLEC was so notified. An official notice of this decision will be published shortly in the national media.

IRC’s Website

The IRC is pleased to announce that as from October 10, 2008 it acquired a functional website. The website address is The Commission considers this to be the achievement of a significant milestone as it provides information for the public on where the Commission is in its development. Specifically information is available on it in respect of the following:
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  • The Vision of the Commission
  • The Mission Statement of the Commission
  • The Core Corporate Values of the Commission
  • The Objectives and Functions of the Commission
  • The Draft Rules and Procedures the Commission expects to govern its operations.
  • The Draft Rules relating to filing applications for generation licences.
  • The Electricity Supply Act 2006 which provides the legal framework under which the Commission operates.
  • The Draft Procedures consumers will follow for filing complaints with the Commission
  • Information on the members of the Board of the Commission
  • The latest news emanating from the Commission, and
  • How to contact the Commission using the internet.

The website was designed by a local person Mr. Ibrahim Abdullah of Chai Chai and would be maintained by him through a contractual arrangement with the Commission. In its present form, the website is interactive and allows for comments to be posted from the public on any aspect of the Commission’s function that includes the ESA 2006 and Draft Rules and Procedures.

The Rules and Procedures posted on the website are in draft form because they have not yet been promulgated. The Regulatory and Legal Advisors working together with the Minister of Public Utilities, Energy and Ports and the Attorney General’s Office ensure that they are promulgated.

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