Domlec, Website, Regulatory Advisor and Consumer Affairs

Domlec, Website, Regulatory Advisor and Consumer Affairs

Legal Advisor

legal-advisorThe Commission is in discussion with a prominent Dominican Attorney-at-Law in the hope of retaining him as its Legal Advisor. We are at the point of agreeing a contract, and is looking forward to having him on board by November 1, 2008. As intimated earlier, he will work closely with the Regulatory Advisor to give legal advice to the Commission on the implementation of the Electricity Supply Act 2006, draft regulations for the implementation of the Act, promulgate the Commission’s Rules and Procedures, and give general legal advice to the Commission.

Regulations and Public Relations and Consumer Affairs Divisions

public-relationsThe Commission has recently been advertising four vacancies for professional persons to fill positions in the Regulations and Public Relations and Consumer Affairs Divisions of the organization. While we were able to secure applications for the positions of the Financial Analyst, the Regulations Manager and the Public/Consumer Relations Consultant, no one applied to fill the Electrical Engineering vacancy. As implicit in their names these divisions will be responsible for collecting and analyzing data about the electric utilities operating in Dominica pertaining to rate-making and generally regulating those utilities as well as collecting and processing consumers’ complaints and organizing interactions with the stakeholders and public at large.

Having outlined the scope of work of the Regulatory Advisor, it is imperative that these positions be filled as quickly as possible. Hence, while we move on with the applications on hand, we will have to broaden our search for an Electrical Engineer, and will shortly be advertising the vacancy in the OECS region. It is the Commission’s intention to have these positions filled by December 1, 2008.

The Commission is aware that the regulations discipline is new to the state. In order to build the effectiveness of these Divisions, those who populate will have to be trained in regulation, and we would be looking to the Regulations Advisor to complete this task.

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