Domlec, Website, Regulatory Advisor and Consumer Affairs

Domlec, Website, Regulatory Advisor and Consumer Affairs

Tariff Consultant

Tarrif ConsultantAs an update, the Tariff Consultant, who visited Dominica during the last week of September and the first week of October, has submitted her Inception Report to the Commission. This report outlines the main areas to be covered by her study, the sources of the data upon her study will be based, the methodology to be used during the study, how her study will be organized and her work plan and schedule. Unfortunately, the time for completion of the study had to be extended to accommodate getting the information she needs from DOMLEC. Her draft Final Report will now be submitted to the Commission on November, and the targeted date for the Stakeholders’ Consultation will be on November 19. At this Consultation she will assist the Commission in presenting her findings and recommendations on rate and tariff making to the stakeholders and public at large.

Consumers Complaints

Consumers ComplaintsFinally, I would like to advise that the Commission is open to accepting complaints from consumers of electricity in Dominica. All we ask is that before complaining to the Commission, the consumers should bring the complaint to the attention of DOMLEC and seek to have the matter resolved at that level. If there is or could be no resolution, then consumers could lodge a complaint with the Commission either in person or in writing giving information on the matter complained about and personal details such as name, address, the consumer’s account number with DOMLEC, etc, and the Commission will engage DOMLEC and have the matter resolved. Those consumers who have access to the internet can follow the process laid out in the complaints section of IRC’s website.

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